How We Work

We’ll Solve Your Precision Metal Challenges

We’ve been innovating and refining our precision metal manufacturing processes for decades—it’s what sets us apart.

Our Specialized Process

Metalcraft Solutions thrives on the art of innovation, the challenges of complex designs and geometries, the science of precision metal manufacturing, and the superior customer service that cements our longstanding relationships. 


The first step in any project is a thorough consultation to assess your needs. 

We’ll discuss your spec and material preferences as well as your budget and lead time. While we most commonly work to customer specs, we’re skilled at assisting you in establishing practical parameters that meet your needs.

After we gather all of the necessary information and you’ve shared any related data, you’ll receive a comprehensive, competitive project quote. 


This is where our experience shines. The vast majority of our projects are completed within one to three weeks—a fraction of the time of our competitors. 

We use the highest-quality materials, our diverse suite of in-house capabilities, and the industry’s most cutting-edge technology to take your project from vision to reality, all under one roof.

Our strict adherence to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 certifications ensure consistent products and performance every time.

Don’t hesitate to call if you have questions about your project. You’ll receive personalized service each step of the way.


Based on your budget, timeline, and location, we use commercial services or hand-deliver your order.

With commercial service, you will receive notification of shipment and a tracking number. 

When we deliver your order personally, you will receive a thank you and a handshake. 


The Metalcraft Difference

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We’ve been serving Northeast Ohio and beyond for 70 years. There’s a reason our customers keep coming back.

No matter the size or complexity of your project, you can expect:

  • Personal attention at every step, with honest and thorough communication.
  • All-in-one precision metal manufacturing under one roof. We simplify your supply chain, eliminate the need to coordinate with multiple suppliers, reduce the risk of errors, and improve your project delivery time.
  • Creative problem solving. We will use our decades of experience and innovation to create a custom solution for you.   
  • High-quality, reliable output that’s done right—the first time.
  • Quick, frictionless turnaround, whether we’re helping you with a prototype, a small production run, or a large-volume order.
  • We strive to deliver on time so you can deliver on time.

Need Proof?

Take it from our customers.

“They communicate well and call in advance to tell us what is going on.”


Weldon Pump

“Metalcraft Solutions collaborated and made themselves available at every step of the design process. Their team of 3D printing experts provided effective solutions to tackle each challenge we encountered with manufacturing. The finished 3D printed products were precise, had a medical grade finish, and were ready for surgery.”


Maxx Orthopedics, Inc.

“Metalcraft Solutions can provide small batches of high-quality parts at very reasonable cost. Their additive manufacturing division has allowed NextStep to provide custom and prototype devices that rival CNC machined parts in a matter of days or weeks.”


NextStep Arthropedix

“We like having a local supplier, with the ability to pass parts back and forth and being able to touch it.”


Steris Endoscopy

“Having Swiss, CNC, Milling and Turning, and EDM all under one roof is very valuable.”


Weldon Pump

“They listen to us and come up with innovative ideas, then ask what we think. We will look at things together, suggest other ideas, and come to a common solution.”


Delta Systems

“Metalcraft Solutions has quickly become a trusted DMLS supplier for us. They’re fast, reliable, and competitively priced. It’s a pleasure to work with them.”


Maxx Orthopedics, Inc.

“The service is very good. Good communication, very open.”


Saehwa IMC NA

“Through conventional machining, it would take two weeks. Terry's group printed the insert in four days, so I was able to get the prototype done in half the time.”


Delta Systems


Metalcraft Solutions is ISO 13485:2012 and ISO 9001:2015 certified.

We also have decades of experience in diverse industries, including aerospace, medical device, packaging machinery, and tire mold.


Get to Know Us

As you can see, we do business differently. That’s because we believe in the same core values our founders did, generations ago. Want to learn more?