Acro Tool & Die: Frequently Asked Questions

Acro_logo SMALLFor more than 70 years, we’ve served our clients with quality, comprehensive precision metal components as Acro Tool & Die. We’ve evolved with technological advancements offering even more precision metal services to satisfy our customers' needs. And in 2020, we took a big step to express our evolving capabilities in the form of a new brand name. 

Acro Tool & Die is now proudly Metalcraft Solutions.

We may have changed our name, but our commitment to strong relationships, goodwill and doing the right thing remains the same. Read our frequently asked questions below to better understand why we’ve made this switch, and what it means to our loyal clients.

Who is Metalcraft Solutions? What are your values?

Metalcraft Solutions operates with the same team and ideals as Acro Tool & Die. Our commitment to excellence, quality and long-standing relationships is unwavering, regardless of our name.

We still put people and relationships first, and maintain that customer service is the core of our business.  

When you work with Metalcraft Solutions, you’ll receive personal attention at every step, creative problem solving, precision metal manufacturing all under one roof, high-quality output, and a quick turnaround.

What is the Metalcraft Solutions story? And how does Acro Tool & Die fit in?

For nearly 70 years, Acro Tool & Die has been in the business of delivering quality, precision metal components. We’re a third-generation, family owned and operated business with deep roots in the Akron, Ohio region.

This story carries over to our new Metalcraft Solutions’ brand.

Goodwill still drives our business. Metalcraft Solutions is dedicated to our customers and community, and we put in the extra energy to deliver a frictionless experience. We have capabilities and experience across multiple industries and serve as an end-to-end solution for our customers.

While the Acro Tool & Die brand is a mainstay in the tire mold industry, Metalcraft Solutions aims to be the same but across many industries. Metalcraft Solutions proudly serves the medical device, aerospace, injection molding, packaging and pump industries and beyond.

Why did you rebrand?

We’ve operated as Acro Tool & Die since 1951. A lot has changed since then.

Acro Tool & Die started as a machine shop and grew up in the tire mold industry. As our target industry advanced and changed so did our capabilities, experience and processes. We didn’t want to box ourselves in—we needed an identity that better aligned with our growing markets and represented our broad capabilities.

After much deliberation, our team agreed on Metalcraft Solutions, a name that speaks to our advanced offerings and reflects our traditional principles. We’re much more than a tool and die shop. We’re much more than a single industry partner. We’re still driven by the relationship-first, quality mentality that founded our company 70 years ago.

How do you differ from Acro Tool & Die?

As mentioned, Acro Tool & Die is a mainstay in the tire mold industry. While we still serve this industry with 70+ years of experience, we’ve become a trusted partner in the medical device, aerospace, injection molding, packaging and pump industries.

Metalcraft Solutions offers much more than just tool and die machining. Our wide range of capabilities include:

  • - Additive manufacturing (3D metal printing)
  • - CNC machining
  • - Laser cutting
  • - Wire electrical discharge machining (EDM)
  • - Precision metal stamping and forming
  • - Grinding
  • - Finishing, heat treating, tumbling and polishing
  • - Engraving and laser marking
  • - Capacitive discharge and spot welding 

We also provide precision products in an array of materials. Explore our material capabilities here.

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As you can see, we’ve transformed to better serve our customers. Our experienced team thrives on developing custom metal products and solutions.