About Metalcraft Solutions

Delivering Quality Metal Solutions for 70 Years

Metalcraft Solutions was born out of Acro Tool & Die Company in Akron, Ohio. A mainstay in the tire mold industry since 1951, the values and commitment to excellence that have allowed Acro Tool & Die to thrive for decades are what drive Metalcraft Solutions forward.

We’ve evolved with technological advancements offering even more precision metal services to satisfy our customers' needs.

We’re still family owned, with third-generation leadership carrying on strong traditions. 

We still put people and relationships first. 

We still believe customer service is the core of this business. And we’ll do whatever we can to prove it to you. Want to talk about your metal processing needs? Give us a call.

Our customer required tougher 3D printed mold inserts. This required utilizing a material we had not developed a manufacturing process for. We acquired the material, ran multiple tests to achieve our customers’ specifications and now provide a steady flow of inserts helping them to manufacture a more durable mold.”


Our Story

We started out in the tire mold industry, working out of Thomas Thompson’s garage. He built Acro Tool & Die from the ground up when he was in his early twenties and saw a regional need for tire mold components.

In the early 1950s, our hometown of Akron, Ohio was also the homebase of the world’s largest tire manufacturers. Our plant quickly became the leading supplier of small metal components needed for tire molds.

The company thrived thanks to our focus on quality and customer service.

Today, we’re still a leading manufacturer of small, precision tire mold components at Acro Tool & Die. But our core competencies in metal manufacturing, precision machining, forming and fabrication of complex designs and geometries coupled with a forward-looking leadership team have led us to new heights in a variety of industries.

At the Forefront of Metal Processing Technology

Metalcraft Solutions offers a comprehensive suite of innovative manufacturing solutions for precision metal products, including our advanced additive and EDM technologies.

We hold multiple industry certifications, including ISO 13485 and ISO 9001, and we're ITAR Registered.

Our solutions meet compliance standards across a variety of industries and applications:

  • Machinery and General Industrial Equipment
  • Aerospace Parts and Components
  • Injection Mold Tooling
  • Medical Devices
  • Dental Devices
  • Packaging Machinery Components
  • Pump and Valve Components
  • Tire Mold Components

Don’t see your industry or needs listed here? Contact us. We’re continuously innovating and would be happy to talk about a custom solution for you.